Residential Treatment

Why Residential Treatment?

  • Best choice in treatment – For true immersion in the recovery process, Residential Treatment is your best choice. Alcoholism and addiction are driven in part by unhealthy choices and routines, and Residential Treatment helps break those habits by offering a new routine in a new, but comfortable environment.  Studies have shown that the more comfortable a woman is in Residential Treatment, the longer she is willing to stay and importantly, longer stays are associated with better results.  Unlike more resort- or spa-like facilities or those that are more institutional, Our Hope's home-like environment can help to ease a woman's transition back into her own home.
  • Permission to focus on you – Sometimes the demands of family, a job, or the influence of friends can stand in the way of taking care of yourself and getting help. With Residential Treatment, each day can be about your needs.

What to Expect

  • Full therapeutic support, including round-the-clock supervision by therapeutic staff
  • A "community living" atmosphere, in which women create a support network by sharing the responsibilities of the house, cooking for each other and engaging in group activities
  • A busy schedule, with a daily routine that becomes part of the recovery process and includes one-on-one therapy, group sessions, optional services and programs, social and cultural outings, and more
  • Involvement in the outside women’s recovery community, including 12-Step programs and meetings, with transportation provided
  • Ongoing support following treatment, including the connections made with other alumnae and our continuing care services

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Since we provide multiple options for the most individualized and effective treatment program for every person, the path to healing at A Forever Recovery starts with empowerment, which is the essential element in all practices required for sustained recovery. The process of tackling daily stressors and triggers, rebuilding broken relationships, finding (or maintaining) a job, and doing all of this while remaining focused on sobriety and health can be daunting and overwhelming. We understand the difficulties associated with an addict returning home to his/her family, spouse, parents, friends, and/or co-workers.

There are insight, communication, and coping skills that must be at work on multiple levels within the inner circle of a recovering addict returning home to facilitate sustained sobriety. This is why our aftercare program is so important and tailored specifically for the needs of each person and his or her inner circle before leaving treatment.

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