Drug Treatment

Addiction is a chronic disease that can have an impact on multiple facets of a person’s life. Drug abuse and dependency especially can be hard on families and individuals because of the way drug addiction takes hold of a person and makes it difficult to let go.

If you are watching a loved one struggle with drug addiction, or you notice abuse and dependency symptoms in yourself, there is a way out. Seeking treatment from a drug rehab center such as Second Chance is the best way to put drug addiction in the past and focus on a bright, happy, sober future.

Our dedicated team at Second Chance Drug Treatment offers a combination of knowledge, experience, compassion, and understanding that can help anyone triumph over alcohol and drug addiction.

While many addictions share certain characteristics. Each substance and EACH CLIENT carries a unique set of challenges. We pride ourselves on drug and alcohol dependence treatment plans tailored to our client’s specific needs. Second Chance counselors understands that there is no “one size fits all” rehab treatment program.  No two people, stories, or conditions are exactly the same. We take the necessary time to understand YOU, not just your addiction.

At our Detroit rehab treatment facility, we treat a variety of substance abuse conditions including alcoholism and drug abuse.  You can learn more about each condition’s specific symptoms and effects below.


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