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Alcoholism and addiction affect women differently than men

Over 40 years of research and working with women has shown us that the diseases of alcoholism and addiction affect women very differently from men.  You can read the details here, but as a woman, you should understand that these diseases take a greater toll on your body and are more likely to be accompanied by mental health or emotional conditions, like depression or trauma, sometimes referred to as co-occurring disorders. Therefore, it's really important that you receive a professional assessment of your unique problems.  Of course, Second Chance provides these assessments in our Clinical offices and we'd be more than happy to set up an appointment for you with one of our Clinical Therapists.

A self-screening tool may give you some answers

If you don't think you're quite ready to take the important step of asking for a professional assessment, here is a link to a FREE self screening test, the Michigan Alcohol (and Drug) Screening Test (MAST).  If you are really honest with yourself, the results of this totally confidential self-assessment should give you some guidance as to whether you would benefit by seeking professional help.  It's only 22 questions long and has been proven to be quite predictive.  Remember, no one but you will see the results of this test (unless you choose to share them), so we encourage total honesty.

You know you need help, now what?

Deciding to seek help and choosing a program can be overwhelming.    We are ready to make this process easier for you and want to reassure you that the we provide complete confidentiality every step of the way.

 You might want to begin with one of our complete bio-psycho-social assessments where one of our Clinical Therapists will help you create a personalized plan for recovery that considers your unique story and struggles, your needs, your goals and importantly, your strengths.  This plan might include recommending a facility for medical detoxification or it could include one or more of the services from our comprehensive continuum.

Why choose Our Hope?Compassionate, women-centered approach

Using our clinical expertise in women-centered recovery and grounded in the 12-Step philosophy, we offer a compassionate approach focused on healing the whole woman.  We know that recovery is most successful if your unique needs, goals and strengths are acknowledged and addressed in all aspects of your life--emotional, physical, social and spiritual.

Expert care by and for women since 1972

Our Hope was founded over 40 years ago by a group of visionary community leaders who understood that women's recovery needs differ from men's.  Until then, not only were alcoholism and addiction seen as shameful and stigmatized among women, but most treatment programs were designed by and for men.  As a result, we were founded on the principle of and have been solely dedicated ever since to guiding women to recovery by meeting their unique needs.  Our all-female team includes Masters level Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors and certified Recovery Coaches in long-term recovery themselves.  Our Residential and Intensive Outpatient Treatment programs not only offer one-on-one and group therapy, but also include work in the areas of physical, spiritual and social wellness, through activities like Yoga, Reiki, exercise, nutritious cooking and Family Counseling sessions.   Our Hope has continuously achieved top ratings from the Center for Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).

A dignified place to do difficult work

Second Chance is not a resort or a spa, nor is it a cold institution or a hospital. This is an inviting space, providing a safe and comfortable setting for you and your family, especially children, to visit and participate in the healing process.

Affordable for every woman

Compared to similar programs, Second Chance is one of the most cost-efficient options.  While our services are priced at or below those of other U.S. facilities, we are willing to work with every woman in need to make the treatment she deserves affordable.  Please don't let your concerns about finances dictate whether you take the next step.  Just call us or contact us online--we'd love to work with you to help you get the treatment you deserve.

Ready for us to help you take the next step?

Please call us at 248-209-6979 or contact us online by clicking here.  We'd love to answer your questions, discuss our services or make an appointment for you with one of our Clinical Therapists.


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